Terms of Service

If you are interested in commissioning me, please read the following text before filling out my commission form. With filling out the form you accept my Terms of Service as listed below.


1. Legal Rights


The price listed for any type of commission contains only legal rights for personal use.

I keep the rights to use any commissioned piece for the purpose of generating income through prints or similar, but I will never sell any form of rights to a third party without the original commissioner's written consent.


If you do not want me to sell prints of your commissioned work, or wish to use it for commercial projects yourself, you may purchase additional rights. Please contact me directly to discuss what the extra fee would be, as it varies depending on different factors.


Without purchasing additional rights, this is what you can do with your art;


- You will receive a high resolution file, which you are allowed to print to hang on your walls, on mugs, shirts or whatever.

- You're allowed to upload the artwork to your own galleries, as long as you do not claim the art to be your work.

- You're allowed to edit the image, crop parts of it etc for use as profile pictures, banners etc.


You are NOT allowed to do any of the following:

- Claim the art to be your work

- Make prints of it with the purpose of making money off them, or distributing free prints beyond your personal circle

- Use the art as part of a commercial project. This includes, but is not limited to, book covers, advertisements, flyers, company logos etc


2. How to get a slot


With filling out my commission form, you are automatically put on my waiting list, however this does not quarantee you a slot yet.


I work in very small batches of new commissions at a time, which I will pick from this list Friday each week. I will then contact you via the email specified in the form and send you an invoice.



3. Payment


All payments will be processed via PayPal invoice to the PayPal address specified in the form. Payment will be required up front in full by Sunday evening (within ca. 48 hours). Payment plans are available for full scene paintings, after an initial payment of 250€.



4. Refunds


You can cancel your commission at any time, but if I have already started working on the piece, you will only receive a partial refund to compensate for the time I already spent on it.


Additionally, I reserve the right to cancel any commission at any time for any reason. The partial refund rule applies to this as well, unless I decide otherwise.

5. Process


 After payment has been received, I will start working. Depending on the type of commission, you'll receive a sketch or thumbnails for approval shortly after. Please take the time to consider these carefully and inform me of any changes that need to be made, or anything you're unsure of at this point as making changes will still be easy during this stage.


For any commission under 100€, you will not receive any further work in progress updates, only a final image. You can however request minor changes at this point, and any major mistakes I made that were stated in your description or your reference images will be corrected free of charge.


If you wish to have more communication for any of these, you can request it be streamed online for you to watch. I'm available Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:00 CET


Commissions above 100€ value will receive one or more work in progress updates for confirmation. Please note that if you do not reply within 24 hours, I might continue working on it regardless. Due to the way I work, I cannot always afford slow communication at this stage or it might cause significant delays.






6. Content


I keep the right to refuse any commission that I do not feel comfortable with for any reason, or that violates any laws.


I will draw:


- Any setting from fantasy to modern to science fiction, to name a few.

- Horror themes, as well as mild/artistic nudity

- Fantasy creatures as well as real animals, feral or anthro

- Concept art and character designs from text, as well as reference sheets


I might draw:


- Humans and humanoids, depending on design and idea

- Robots, mechas, vehicles or heavy architecture.


I will not draw:


- 18+ content, including sexualised nudity or fetishes 

- Themes promoting racism, trans- or homophobia, sexism or hate aimed at any group in general